by Explosive Decoy Humans

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Brycen Doby I love this record because it was made by a bunch of wankers, true wanks in their own right, and they wank together all day and all night. If you ever wanted to fight, they'd have a wank instead, because one punch would kill you if it came from their right hands. Wankwankwankwankwankwank,

With lubrication:
Frank Allensworth.
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Our debut EP
Drums recorded March 4-6 in Cardiff, Wales
Guitars recorded March 11-15 in Munich, Germany
Bass recorded April 6-10 in Indiana, USA
Vocals recorded April 24-26 in Illinois, USA


released August 25, 2015

Tristan Zemtseff - Guitar, Vocals
Johann von Dagg - Guitar
Aled Lloyd - Drums
Todd Seibert - Bass
Lindsay Templeton - Vocals

Andy Eisen - Additional vocals on "Transient"
Tristan Zemtseff - Mixing
Justin Hill - Mastering
Camilla Barbosa - Artwork



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Explosive Decoy Humans Munich, Germany

Spanning multiple continents, Explosive Decoy Humans offers a new look into progressive and technical metal. The band features, among others, current and former members of Cyclamen.

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Track Name: Creation Ends
I'm a bottom-feeder / My home is among the plumes

Trapped within my carapace
Trapped within the home I've made / Tired of this ocean
A thousand atmospheres of ocean
Let me wander beyond the hot black smoke / I will travel
A thought trickles down / A thought trickles out

I’m a bottom feeder / My home is among the plumes

I refuse to stay here / Like the ten thousand before me
I am hopeful / I shall see roads untraveled
Leave the chimney stacks behind

I will travel / I will walk and wade and swim to the sun
I will claw my way up and out / I refuse to stay
Leave the chimney stacks behind
And walk through strands of twisting light
Shimmering surface / Strands of twisting light
Track Name: Chaos
Breath, sweet breath / Searing light I’m standing in
Standing on the sand / Standing, blaring lights on my back
Highlights my constriction, malformation
Too small, let me up and out / I’m bubbling, I’m boiling

My armour constricts, break it off / Smash this porcelain
Throw myself upon the rocks to score myself open
Claw myself from this tired exoskeleton
I am the first of ten thousand, ten billion

Unfurling, teething / Screaming, bursting anew
Growing, lifting myself up from the steaming ocean
I stand on untraveled road / Squinting at a setting sun and sand

A green mirage / A forest, I run
Colours running, blurring into trees / I dance
Dancing, swirling, colours run / Hopeful
I reflect / I know the ocean waits

Breathe, breathe deeply / Twisting light / Sleep deeply
Sleep amongst the blades while distant chimneys sway
Breathe deeply / Sleep deeply / I dream
I dream I’m not a bottom feeder
Track Name: Lost Within the Great Timescape
Awake, the smell of smoke creeps in
Crackling fire, cracking porcelain / Spitting sap, splitting wood
Searing flames, black smoke from the forest
What used to be a forest / What have I done

Lost / Lost how
Lost how did this / Lost how did this happen
Broken porcelain / Shards, hanging stars in molten glass
Through embers, I wade

I wade through the boiling mud / I wait for change / Searing grey
Porcelain shards, boiled glass, and ash / Afraid
Twisting plumes, glowing embers / Black mud, pouring rain

I reflect, I know the ocean waits
On the surface, chimneys sway
Pull yourself together / Pull yourself away
Track Name: The Weight of an Ocean
Tired of this sand and sunlight / They’ve blasted my eyes
To blindness, darkness, crystal clarity
Now I know how to be better off / Just see

Clouds occlude my face / The waves erase my footsteps
In the dead of night, I prepare the vessel that will / Take me to rest

Let me slide / It doesn’t hurt a bit
The moon trickles out, trickles down, trickles in
It shimmers far above me as I swim
Track Name: Transient
I refuse / To return to the road I've travelled
Too proud to walk / But I'm too tired to wade

I'm flotsam / I'm toxic jettisoned waste
Drifting, floating / Dragging myself through this timescape
Broken porcelain / Billowing plumes of smoke

Floating / Drifting / Swirling / Seething
Walking / Wading / Drowning / Breathing

I refuse to swim / Return to the road I've traveled
Too tired to wade into waters tamed / Made grey by apathy
I’m flotsam
Homeless/ Llifeless / Lustless / Listless
Lost / Bound to the broken state

Bound to the broken state / I wait, I wander, I wait
Floating / Drifting / Swirling / Seething
Walking / Wading / Drowning / Breathing
Just jettisoned waste / Lost